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Date: 20th February 2019
Double Tank Solar Water Heater
Product Specification?Inner Tank:?Food grade SUS 304 stainless steel/316 stainless steel,Website:http://www.chinasolarwaterheater.com, 0.5mm, diameter 360mmOut Tank:Galvanized steel/201 stainless steel, 0.4mm, diameter 460mmTank Quantity: 2 water tankInsulation: 50mm high-density polyurethane foamedInlet&Outlet: 1/2" or 3/4", stainless steelVacuum Tube:QB-AL-N/AL-47mm/58mm-1800mmWater Tank Bracket: Galvanized steel sheet, 1.5mm/201 stainless steel, 1.2mm, stainless steel screws & nutsAccessories: Assistant tank, electric heater, magnesium anode, TK-8A/TK-7/TK-5 digital controller and so onAdvantage: (1)new design side assistant tank for hard water area;? (2)non-welding technology (3)special design with 2 tanksModel Evacuated Tube Tank and Tube Capacity ? ? ?(L) Person NO. Diameter ? ? ?(mm) Length ? ? ?(mm) Quantity ? ? ?(pcs) BS-NP/NPS-581800-10581800101001-2BS-NP/NPS-581800-12581800121202-3BS-NP/NPS-581800-15581800151503BS-NP/NPS-581800-18581800181803-4BS-NP/NPS-581800-20581800202004BS-NP/NPS-581800-24581800242404-5BS-NP/NPS-581800-30581800303006BS-NP/NPS-581800-36581800363607BS-NP/NPS-581800-50581800505009-10Our Innovation and Superiority:Double tank solar water heater is our patent design model.Compared with normal solar water heaters, our double tank solar water heater looks more luxury and it is a new product for market.??Double tank solar water heater is our own patent design model with 2 water tanks.?The front side tank: cold water storage tankThe back side tank:? hot water storage tankWith this design, customer can use more hot water.
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